The 5th Intellectual Huadu · Talent Morning Tea Party Focuses on Improving Innovation and Entrepreneurship Environment to Empower Talent Hub In Northern Part Of The Great Bay Area

  On the morning of June 27, Huadu District held the 5th Intellectual Huadu · Talent Morning Tea Party, focusing on topic of "improving innovation and entrepreneurship environment"; 10 outstanding entrepreneurs from inside and outside the District were invited to talk over tea with leaders of the District Party Committee and District Government, and offer new ideas and measures to improve innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Huadu District.

  Participants of the tea party included representatives from Guangzhou Jiajie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinruilong Ecological Building Materials Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Newly Tech Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lanhai Robot System Co., Ltd., Sanyi Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Feirui Robots Technology Co., Ltd., Chipeak Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xipu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Xianhe Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

  Huadu is currently focusing on building itself into a growth pole in the north of Guangzhou and striving to improve its capabilities in scientific and technological innovation. Huadu District has been improving the environment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years, actively building various platforms for attraction of talents, and promoting the "two-way integration" of innovation chain and industrial chain. Now, the District can offer a favorable environment and strong atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, with 16 incubators of technology-based company, 10 crowd innovation spaces, 11 recognized national-level specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative (SRDI) “Little Giant” enterprises (ranking 3rd in the city), 310 provincial SRDI small and medium-sized enterprises (among the top group in the city), and 410 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Zhang Wei, founder of Chipeak Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. said, "Chipeak is mainly committed to artificial intelligence and chip design, and the company is currently in a period of rapid development. We hope to strengthen cooperation with the government in the construction of chip industrial parks and high-level laboratories. ”

  Sun Yong, General Manager of Guangdong Xinruilong Ecological Building Materials Co., Ltd. remarked, "After coming to Huadu in 2010, Xinruilong has successively won such honorary titles as National Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise and Provincial Engineering Center, thanks to the strong support of the Huadu District Committee and District Government. And Xinruilong will continue to focus intensively on comprehensive utilization of construction waste and will step up efforts in scientific and technological research and development.”

  Yang Luowei, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Lanhai Robot System Co., Ltd observed, "Lanhai Robot is currently devoted to the photovoltaic industry. The fact that the order volume in the first two quarters of 2023 has doubled that of 2022 fully shows that Huadu is a blessed place for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises to develop. And we expect the government to give more support in the expansion of enterprises and the housing security for talents. ”

  Yun Hui, chairperson of Guangdong Xipu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said, "Agriculture is the primary industry and the basic industry. As the agriculture is shifting to an industry of high content of scientific and technological innovation, it is hoped that the government will give more support to address the common needs of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. ”

  Li Gang, CEO of Guangzhou Newly Tech Co., Ltd. remarked, "As Huadu is building an international air-rail hub, we hope to better participate in the planning and design of the logistics sector and make more contributions to building Huadu into a gathering place of international air logistics industry clusters."

  Xiao Yongkun, chairperson of Sanyi Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. observed, "As a player in cosmetics industry, the traditional advantageous industry of Huadu District, we are planning to strengthen strategic cooperation with first-tier brands at home and abroad and to increase innovation in the manufacture of high-end raw materials.”

  Chen Lin, General Manager of Guangzhou Xianhe Investment Consulting Co., Ltd said, “As a new format innovation support and venture capital institution rooted in Huadu, Xianhe has been deeply engaged in regional technological innovation cultivation and financial services, experiencing first hand Huadu's emphasis and attention to talents, to technological innovation and to interaction between technology and finance. In the future, we will reach out to more extensively outstanding enterprises and outstanding talents in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and continue to accompany more enterprises to start and grow. ”

  Jin Lei, chairperson of Guangzhou Zhidu Investment Holding Co., Ltd., "As a state-owned enterprise of Huadu District, we will effectively center on supporting industry development, and better help enterprises solve financing difficulties and industrial expansion and other problems by various ways, including making good use of financial investment, building small and medium-sized enterprise industrial parks."

  The morning tea party also arranged a free discussion between representatives of industrial investors in the District, and the District leaders and entrepreneurs present about the development of enterprises and industries, offering suggestions to enterprises on financial support channels and capital links.

  At the event, District leaders said that they were very pleased to listen to what entrepreneurs had to say at the morning tea party. In addition to a platform for entrepreneurs in the District to seek common development, the morning tea party is also a "meeting room" to receive outstanding enterprises outside the District. In the future, Huadu District will give full play to the advantages of the northern air-railway hub and the northern growth pole of Guangzhou, strengthen interaction among industrial fields, and do its best to serve entrepreneurs. The Office of the Talent Work Leadership Team of the District Party Committee has compiled a task list, and will follow up and coordinate the whole process to better serve Huadu enterprises for further development.

  This event was hosted by the Talent Work Leadership Team of Huadu District Party Committee, organized by the District Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, and co-organized by Huadu Talent Development Co., Ltd of Guangzhou Talent Group, and Guangzhou Xianhe Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. District leaders, heads of relevant functional agencies of the District, and 10 outstanding entrepreneurs and high-level talents were present at the event.