Successive Victories of Huadu Players in 2023 World Jump Rope Championships: 7 Golds and 1 World Record


  As of the morning of July 19, Beijing Time, Team China won a total of 9 gold medals at the 2023 World Jump Rope Championships. It is worth mentioning that members of Huadu origin on the Chinese jump rope national team won 7 gold medals and broke 1 world record.

  The Championships witnessed successive victories of young Huadu players; the first gold medal went to the combination of Chen Hongxiang, Chen Chuqi, Zeng Shuting and Ru Stroqi from Huadong School, who won the Single Rope Relay 4x30 with a score of 726 skips.

  Then Tang Haofan, a 12-year-old young player from Qixing Primary School, won the gold medal in the Single Rope 12-15 Male. Tang Haofan, partnered with Xie Kaiyu, also won the gold medal in the Single Rope Double-under Relay 2x30 with a score of 187 skips. Xie Kaiyu, Tang Haofan, Zhang Chongyang and Cen Xiaolin won the men's Single Rope Relay championship. World record holder Cen Xiaolin defended his Single Rope 30-second champion title. Xie Kaiyu, Tang Haofan, Zhang Chongyang and Cen Xiaolin won the gold medal of Double Dutch Speed Relay 4×30 and broke the world record. And Zhang Chongyang and Chen Jiawei won the men's Wheel Freestyle championship.

  Tang Haofan is the youngest of the players from Huadu, and the only current student of Qixing Primary School. It is his debut in international competitions, and he has won 4 gold medals so far in Single Rope Relay 4x30, Single Rope 30-second, Single Rope Double-under Relay 2x30, and Double Dutch Speed Relay 4×30, and broke the world record in the latter.

  Talking about why he participated in this competition, Tang Haofan was straightforward: "I started jumping rope in 2018, more than 4 years ago. I want to compete on a bigger stage with people around the world who love rope jumping and win glory for my country. ”

  "To be honest, I'm not satisfied with my performance. It is hard to adapt myself in one day to the altitude of more than 1500 meters, the 14-hour time difference, and the dry climate. ” Before going abroad to compete, "light-speed boy” Cen Xiaolin, the world record holder of Single Rope 30-second, proclaimed boldly, "My goal is a new world record!" Despite of many challenges, Cen Xiaolin still achieved a good score of 228 skips in the Single Rope 30-second competition, which, although fell short of the world record he set in the 2019 Norway World Jump Rope Championships, 250 skips in 30 seconds, beat other high-level athletes from South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and other countries and regions with an absolute advantage, and won the gold medal in the 19+ male group, and the silver medal went to his teammate Zhang Chongyang.

  The event, being the first offline World Jump Rope Championships held by the International Jump Rope Union since its foundation, is also the largest competition with the widest participation in the history of the Championships, representing the world's highest level in jump rope. More than 1,200 athletes from 27 countries and regions around the world participate the event.