Another Central SOE Giant Makes Move in Huadu: China Railway No. 4 Group Is to Build Intelligent Innovation Headquarters


  An event was held on August 8 in Hefei, Anhui Province to celebrate the signing of a cooperation agreement between the People's Government of Huadu District of Guangzhou and China Railway No.4 Engineering Group (hereinafter referred to as "CR No. 4 Group"). Presented at the event were Xing Xiang, Party Chief of Huadu District, Liu Bo, Party Committee Secretary and Chairperson of CR No. 4 Group, Zheng Zhongmin, standing committee member of Huadu District Party Committee, Director of the United Front Department and Director of the Administrative Committee of Huadu Economic Development Zone, Han Yonggang, General Manager of CR No. 4 Group, Zhang Jun, Assistant to the General Manager and Director of Investment and Development Department of CR No. 4 Group, and others.

  As the only international air and rail hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, an important base of advanced manufacturing industry in Guangzhou, a new growth pole and a power source of the city, a core pivot of the cooperation and development in the Greater Bay Area, and a construction booster of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Huadu District adheres to the development strategy of "base the District on intelligent manufacturing and strengthen the District with hubs", sets as its goal to become an "international air and railway hub, high-end intelligent manufacturing base, innovative city of vitality, and green and livable place", dedicates to becoming an important area that holds up Guangzhou's economy and population, and strives to building Huadu as an "aviation town and transportation hub".

  CR No. 4 Group is a large-scale construction enterprise with comprehensive construction capabilities, a "benchmark" member of the Fortune Global 500 company China Railway Group Limited, the only company that has won Class A railway credit rating for 32 consecutive times, and the first company in China Railway to hold "4 Special and 7 Class A qualifications", namely, four special qualifications for general contracting of railways, highways, houses and buildings and municipal public utilities, and 7 Grade A design qualifications. The company has exceeded the benchmark line of 200 billion yuan for annual new contracts, and that of 100 billion yuan for operating income in the past three years.

  According to the cooperation agreement, CR No. 4 Group will build an intelligent innovation headquarters in Huadu, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan in the first phase and about 2.5 billion yuan in the second phase. It will be a third-tier company of China Railway, having the headquarters base as the core, and supported by four major centers: intelligent innovation R&D center, new infrastructure R&D center, investment & operation center, and design & consulting center; and at the same time it will take over part of the headquarters functions of CR No. 4 Group to generate headquarters agglomeration effect with advantageous industrial resources, attracting resources of the industry to promote regional industrial development, and hence the high-quality development of Huadu.

  The execution of this contract enables Huadu to tap into the power of a central SOE for urban construction. Huadu District will further implement the specific deployment of "1310" by the provincial party committee and the "1312" planned measures by the municipal party committee; seize the opportunities coming with such major moves as the construction of "Dual Areas" , that is, the Greater Bay Area, and Shenzhen as a demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the interaction between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the building of the growth pole in northern Guangzhou; and bearing in mind the new development stage, play well the role of "air and rail hub" to transform the advantages of transportation hub to produce agglomeration and radiation effect, accelerating the ignition of the powerful urban development engine to build the District into a comprehensive gateway and a new power source for high-quality development in northern Guangzhou.