The 7th Intellectual Huadu · Talent Morning Tea Party: Medical & Healthcare and Biomedicine lead Development into the Future


  On the morning of August 25th, Huadu District held the 7th Intellectual Huadu · Talent Morning Tea Party. Leaders of the District Party Committee and District Government gathered together and talked with representatives of healthcare experts and entrepreneurs in the field of biomedical industry, talked. They tested ideas through exchanges, and tried to find consensus through discussions, working together to provide suggestions for the high-quality development of healthcare service and biomedical industry in Huadu.

  3 hospital representatives from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and People's Hospital of Huadu District, 3 entrepreneur representatives from China Resources Pharmaceutical, Sinopharm and Mindray Biomedical were invited to the morning tea party; and also invited as high-level talent representatives were Professor Zheng Songguo, an outstanding expert in immunology, and Li Yuqiang, Secretary General of Guangzhou Bitotech Industry Organization. They exchanged and shared at the party on immunology research and the development and opportunities of biomedical industry.

  Adhering to the people-centered philosophy of development, Huadu District in recent years has focused on improving the medical service system, expanded the supply of high-quality medical resources by accelerated the construction of Renji Affiliated Hospital to Sun Yat-sen University, Huadu Campus of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center, and Guangdong Clinical Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and endeavored to build a high-quality medical talent team; as a result, the medical and healthcare course of the District has advanced steadily. The District currently has 652 medical and health institutions, including 4 district hospitals (3 Class A tertiary hospitals), 15 township medical and health institutions, 3 community health service stations and 195 village health stations.

  The biomedical industry has become a focus area of competition in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and in regional development. The location advantage coming with the air-rail dual hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area has helped Huadu to develop biomedicine and a number of strategic emerging industries that are advancing with great momentum and speed. As home to a number of leading enterprises, such as GPHL, Sinopharm, Meituan Pharmacy, Ali Health, JD Pharmacy, Equinox Biotech Co.. Ltd, and a bunch of other flagship enterprises, and to facilities such as South China Biomedical Products Distribution Center in Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Central) and Biomedical Special Cold Storage (R&F Logistics Park), Huadu is rising rapidly to become a new highland for the development of biomedical and other airport related industries.

  Zheng Songguo, an outstanding expert and high-level talent in immunology, gave an introduction to the value of new immunology technologies in clinical applications, and put forward his suggestions on the direction and routes for the further development of Huadu's health and biomedical industries.

  Li Yuqiang, Secretary General of Guangzhou Bitotech Industry Organization introduced the innovation and development of Guangzhou's biomedical industry, and suggested the District give full play to the advantages brought by the airport, pursue a differentiated route of development that is complementary with Huangpu District and Yuexiu District, and improve resource integration to create a biomedical characteristic industrial highland in northern Guangzhou.

  Huo Peiqiong, General Manager of China Resources Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, said that given the fact that international trade was the biggest feature of the company, a Huadu District with an airport would be a new fertile land of development the company; and that it was hoped that the company might have greater cooperation space in industrial development, trade layout, and integration of international and domestic supply chains under the guidance and help of Huadu District Committee and District Government.

  Sun Siwa, General Manager of Sinopharm Guangzhou Huadu Co., Ltd remarked, "We will move with Huadu District's strategic deployment plan of building a growth pole in northern Guangzhou to vigorously develop the pharmaceutical economy in northern Guangzhou. In light of the company's plan to develop a diversified pharmaceutical industry economy, we will use our resources and capabilities to strive to contribute to the development of Huadu in biomedicine, medical and healthcare, and intelligent medicine and equipment."

  Liu Hua, General Manager of Guangzhou Branch of Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. said, "In the future, the company will vigorously strengthen the innovation and development of equipment in various segments, improve the localization rate of domestic medical equipment, and promote strategic cooperation with Huadu in the construction of integrated health care system, the improvement of diagnosis and treatment levels at grassroots institutions, the construction of intelligent hospitals, industry-university-research institute collaboration, and others. ”

  Ye Jiajun, President of People's Hospital of Huadu District observed,: "According to the unified plan of the District Party Committee and the District Government and the unified work arrangement of the District Health Bureau, our Hospital will further optimize the medical and health structure, improve the hospital's levels professional technologies and scientific research capabilities, so that we can effectively make proper contributions to the health of the people of Huadu."

  The development of medical healthcare being a course that will benefit the people in both current and future ages, Huadu District will integrate high-quality medical resources, increase the attraction of high-level medical talents, improve the grassroots healthcare system, build a medical highland in northern Guangzhou, and make every effort to protect the life and health of the people in Huadu District. At the same time, Huadu District will also make full use of the location advantages coming with the international air-rail dual hub to accelerate the construction of biomedical industrial parks, and the clustering of production-oriented and R&D-oriented biomedical enterprises, adding strong impetus to the rapid development of Huadu's medical and healthcare course.

  This event was hosted by the Talent Work Leadership Team of Huadu District Party Committee, organized by Huadu Bureau of Hygiene and Health, Administrative Committee of Huadu Development Zone, and Airport Administrative Committee, co-organized by Huadu Talent Development Co., Ltd, and attended by principal leaders of the District Party Committee, relevant leaders of the District Government, and heads of relevant functional departments of the District.