The 2nd China-Russia (International) Exhibition and Trade Fair is a huge success with purchasing amount exceeding 120 million yuan


  On October 22, the 2nd China-Russia (International) Exhibition and Trade Fair - Huadu opened, which was hosted by CCPIT Huadu Branch, and Shiling Town People's Government. Nearly 300 buyers from Russia and more than 300 representatives of local fashion enterprises in Guangzhou rubber shoulders with each other, and had face-to-face trade negotiations and discussing cooperation and development plans.

  Nearly 300 Russian buyers in Guangzhou for the Canton Fair were invited to Huadu for business talks. The Fair took a lively, relaxed, open and free form of "Exhibition + Tea-break + Buffet" , and the site were divided into sections for bags and leather goods, electronic and electrical appliances, cosmetics, shoes, garments, automobile parts and components, and many others, where approximately 100 enterprises from Huadu displayed thousands of famous fashion products. Novel styles, high-end materials, and "visible" quality attracted Russian buyers to stop by for inquiries and business talks.

  The Fair aims to promote international trade, expand the market, strengthen economic ties, promote cross-border investment, build a platform on which Russian buyers and Huadu enterprises can cooperate and exchange, and promote Huadu enterprises to go abroad through exhibitions and trade shows. On the same day, Huadu Shiling Leather Profession Chamber of Commerce signed a business strategic cooperation agreement with the Russian purchasing delegation, and hired Ms. Anna from Russia and Mr. Rong Guofa as overseas business consultant, for strengthened communication and exchange and comprehensively deepened cooperation, to achieve interconnectivity, mutual benefit and shared development.

  In recent years, Huadu District's adherence to the real economy as the basis, and the manufacturing industry as the main pillar has won it good reputation, such as "China's automobile capital", "China's leather capital", "China's audio equipment capital" and "China's cosmetic capital". In the automobile industry, Huadu is home to Guangzhou's first manufacturing base that has achieved gross industrial output value of more than 100 billion yuan, and to more than 1,000 vehicle and auto parts enterprises. In the leather and leather goods industry, more than 700 million bags and leather goods of over 1 million models and types are produced every year, and 70% of them are sold to 142 countries and regions around the world.

  In the cosmetics industry, there are 289 cosmetic manufacturers, 3500 independent brands and trademarks; and all kinds of products sell well at home and abroad. In addition, there are footwear and apparel industries, and electronic industries like lighting and audio industries. "Products of Huadu" have long been popular with buyers from all over the world with their competitive prices and high quality.

  A responsible person of Shiling Leather Profession Chamber of Commerce said: "after the successful establishment of communication and liaison mechanism during the first session of China-Russia (International) Exhibition and Trade Fair, this second session seeks to achieve precise matching of enterprises and products based on comprehensive understanding of needs of Russian buyers, which will greatly improve the chance to close deals. And the Chamber has also planned to hold similar trade activities targeting Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, to help enterprises enter the broader overseas market." A person in charge of a leather goods enterprise said that he secured a lot of customers and orders at the first China-Russia (International) Exhibition and Trade Fair in April this year. When  hearing the news of the second session of the Fair, he signed up at the first time to seize the opportunity to build connections with foreign businessmen at home field, hoping to gain more customers and orders.

  Incomplete statistics shows that more than 80% of Huadu enterprises participating in the Fair received intentional orders or inquiries, involving a purchase amount of more than 120 million yuan.