2023 China Two-wheel Mobility Industry Conference opened in Huadu: youth, new culture, and new platform


  November 2 witnessed the opening in Huadu District of 2023 China Two-wheel Mobility Industry Conference, an event that is guided by China Light Industry Council and Guangzhou Municipal Government, supported by Guangzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Guangzhou Commerce Bureau and Huadu District Government, and organized by China Bicycle Association. The event was honored by the presence of Liu Lihua, deputy director of the 13th Economic Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhang Chonghe, Party committee secretary and president of China Light Industry Council, and leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guangzhou Municipal Government, Guangzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Huadu District Government. Participants of the Conference include experts and representatives from China Bicycle Association and industry organizations in Japan, the Netherlands, Vietnam and other countries, leaders of domestic industry associations and chambers of commerce in Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Anhui, Beijing, and Taiwan etc., heads of backbone enterprises of the industry, and responsible officials of well-known enterprises in fields related to the industry.

  Forum themed on "green mobility, and intelligent transportation"

  This year's Conference consisted of two major sections, a themed forum and a series of activities for two-wheeler fans. The forum themed on "green mobility, and intelligent transportation" was held on November 2; and the outdoor competition activities on November 3-5.

  In his speech on the themes forum, Zhang Chonghe said the bicycle industry should seize the opportunity and ride with the trend to promote transformation and upgrading, shape new values, and stride into the new era of high-quality development.

  Gao Yuyue, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government, pointed out that as a city that "puts industry first, bases the city on manufacturing", Guangzhou is one of China's main production bases of bicycle; its total 43 manufacturing enterprises account for 15.9% of Guangdong Province, and 0.8% of the country. A relative complete supply chain of the production has emerged in the city, covering all links of the chain from R&D, product design, spare parts production, whole bicycle production, inspection and testing, and sales, and is gradually extending bicycle races, bicycle tourism and other after-markets of the industry. The city's next step would be to accelerate the exploration of the innovative development of the industry.

  Liu Suwen, Chairperson of China Bicycle Association, observed that a new round of technological revolution and industrial change has emerged, driving the strong rise of digital technology and promoting the in-depth integration of industries, which in turn created new opportunities and opened up new room for the better development of two-wheeler industry.

  Relevant leaders of Huadu District Government gave introduction to Huadu's superior geographic and transport advantages, good business environment and industrial foundation, as well as the "one district, one city and one port" industrial new layout that the District is fully pursuing. The District has 10 above-scale bicycle and electric bicycle manufacturing enterprises, 8 national high-tech enterprises, 6 provincial "specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises, and reports a total industry output value of about 852 million yuan for the period from January to September of 2023.

  China's bicycle and electric bicycle industry, which has long been the world's top producer and seller in the industry, is approaching to a new stage of development and change. In 2022, the industry's total output value increased by 3% and realized profits grew more than 20% over previous year. Although continued rise in production costs reduced profit margin in 2023, but the data from January to August show that the above-scale companies in the industry continue to record slightly higher realized profit than the average level of light industry. What is more gratifying is that, at the historical time celebrating the 10th an anniversary of the launch of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and with the support of the favorite conditions brought by ASEAN Free Trade Area, China-Europe freight trains and other policies, bicycle and electric bicycle products from China are demonstrating to the world the desirable booming of China's bicycle and electric bicycle industry through exchanges promoted by trade and the platform based on two-wheel products.

  The "Green Mobility and Intelligent Transportation" forum with the theme of "ride with the trend of the times and reshape the values of the industry" has three parts: the first one is "New Landscape, New Advantage and New Future", the second one is  "Industrial Revolution and Technological Innovation", and the third one is "Insight, Focus and Layout". From different perspectives and dimensions, the guests shared their insights on the current development of the industry, put forward suggestions on the current development of the industry, expressed their understanding of the future development of the industry, and discussed the development trends and key events of common concern to the industry, striving to promote the healthy and orderly development of the global bicycle and electric bicycle industry. The future development of the industry must be green; it should be an eternal topic and consensus of the industry . The entire forum was indeed passionate event full of academic thinking.

  Two-wheeler Fan Festival set sail on November 3

  Two-wheeler Fan Festival, the other important part of the industry conference, set sail on November 3 at the No.1 campsite of Begin Camping. In addition to see and experience excellent new two-wheeler products, fans could also participate in rich activities such as the release of the industry trend report, launch of new products by enterprises, mountain challenge activities and cycling tours in "Beautiful Villages".

  Focusing on the development of new products, technologies, materials and concepts in the industry, the 2024 China Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Trend Report gives an in-depth analysis of the industry trends in the light of new products in the market. At this year's enterprise new product conference, Giant, Trinix, Yadea, Luyuan ...... and many other launch heavyweight new series that bring the house down with their visual display .

  During the festival, the Flying Begin power bicycle challenge and the Flying Begin mountain challenge were held on November 3 and November 4, respectively. On November 3 and November 5, there were two additional wonderful cycling activities. At 9:00 a.m. on November 3, a team of more than 300 cyclists left Huadu Sunac Conference Center and rode 15km to the No. 1 Campsite of Begin Camping, experiencing the fun of brand-new outing along the way. On November 5, the "Beautiful Village" five-ring cycling activity was held. By integrating "ring of ancient road , ring of flower field, ring of green water, ring of recreation and health, and ring of green mountain", Tiemian Town of Huadu promotes the construction of  Meet Tiemian Country· Five-ring Trail to make the image of ecotourism shine better. The Festival specially designed a 43km cycling route and invited more than 1,000 people to trail the green water and beautiful countryside of Huadu.