Another 10-billion photovoltaic project in Huadu Reveals New Energy Layout at 2023 Global Investment Promotion Conference for the Greater Bay Area


  It is a good time to set sail as the tides and winds give benefit. 2023 Global Investment Promotion Conference for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area was held in Guangzhou on November 8-9.

  The Conference offered a series of "1+9+N" activities, namely "1 main venue event, 9 investment promotion conferences for PRD cities, and N domestic and overseas road shows and industrial investment promotions", aiming to comprehensively demonstrate the strengths and development potentials of the Greater Bay Area, and boost the confidence of global investors in the development of the Greater Bay Area.

  26 projects from nine cities in the Pearl River Delta were selected as representatives of major projects, for which an on-site contract signing ceremony was held. It is worth mentioning that the Seraphim 10GW PV Module Manufacturing Project, a 10-billion-level photovoltaic project and a key investment project of Huadu District, had the honor to be among them as one of the four selected projects of Guangzhou. The Seraphim project is one of the key new energy projects in Huadu District to build the "Green Energy Valley" in the Bay Area with high standards.

  Taking shape

  The 10-billion-level Seraphim Photovoltaic Project lands in Huadu

  Seraphim, the participating company of one of the projects that have contract signed on-site, is a solar product manufacturer founded in 2011 with focus on the development and production of photovoltaic modules; and it has rapidly grown since then into a leader in photovoltaic manufacturing. As of the end of 2022, the company had a global production capacity of 12GW/year, and had been listed as a Tier1 module supplier by BloombergNEF for nine consecutive years, and had been rated as a top module supplier by PVEL for five times. Committed to innovation, the company now owns more than 100 technology patents, has branches in 25 countries, and sees its products widely used in more than 100 countries around the world.

  Seraphim plans to build a 10GW PV module manufacturing project in Huadu District, with a total investment of about 6 billion yuan. The project will be divided in two phases, and each phase will build a 5GW-capacity production line of large-size full compatible photovoltaic modules. The whole project will be and completed next year. It is estimated that after reaching its design capacity, the project will generate an annual output not less than 10 billion yuan, and create jobs for about 2,600 people.

  Supported by Huadu District's policy of "promote incoming investments with capital investments", the joint venture of Seraphim Group and Huadu District State-owned Assets Bureau discovered a new investment promotion model featuring joint investment by state-owned and private enterprises, implementation support by local government, and precise and powerful policy support. The project completed contact and contract signing in 2 months, and is now vigorously promoting the preparation work for the "joint issuance of five certificates”, and the realization of "quick negotiation, quick contract signing, quick project landing, quick start-up, and quick operation”  of investment projects. The successful introduction of Seraphim photovoltaic module manufacturing project is an important sign of Huadu's commitment to realize "investment growth with accelerated speed” with practical actions, and an important measure for Huadu District to implement the high-quality development strategy to "base the District on intelligent manufacturing"; it will help Huadu District in building the "Green Energy Valley" of the Greater Bay Area with high standards and promote the development of new energy industry in Guangzhou with higher quality and speed.

  Ten Thousand Mu and One Hundred Billion

  Huadu builds with high standards

  the "Green Energy Valley" in the Greater Bay Area

  As home to the only large-scale air and rail dual hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the first stop for people visiting Guangzhou from around the world, Huadu is a veritable "window to the world" and the "hub living room" that is nearest to the world. Fixating on three new industry fields of trillion yuan potential: photovoltaic energy, energy storage, and hydrogen energy, Huadu District is planning the construction of a "Green Energy Valley” in the Greater Bay Area. A "ten thousand mu and one hundred billion" (ten thousand mu equals to 1647 acres) platform for new energy industry will be created, a new industrial space layout featuring "one area, two sections and three bases” will be shaped, a number of backbone enterprises along the industry chain will be introduced, and a complete integrated industry chain running from research and development, production, sales and trading of new energy to energy electronics, multi-scenario applications, and financial support will be built, so as to build a super base for the high-quality development of new energy industry in the Greater Bay Area, and contribute to the achievement of the ambitious goal of more than 100 billion yuan new energy industry output value by 2030.

  Huadu District is scrambling for time to promote quick negotiation, quick contract signing, quick project landing, quick start-up, and quick operation of new energy investment projects. So far contract signing has completed with Gokin, Wotehaimer and some other  enterprises in sub-fields of new energy industry. In particular, Gokin, a heading PV enterprise in China, has completed and put into production of its 16GW PV module industrial park and its business R&D headquarter with lightning speed. Thanks to close service by investment project managers and enterprise care providers, early intervention, quick approval, and timely dispatching, Gokin's project become the first in Huadu to benefit from "joint issuance of five certificates", as a result, the project broke ground as soon as land use approval, came into operation in merely 2 months, and witness the roll-off the first photovoltaic module on October 25th. It took only 85 days for the project to fly from contract signing to official operation, which is a full demonstration of "Huadu Speed".

  Continuous efforts

  New breakthrough in investment promotion in Huadu

  At the Conference, Huadu also signed a number of foreign investment, state-funded and multi-billion projects, such as China Railway Bureau Wisdom Innovation Headquarters, Goya South China Pharmaceutical Distribution and Settlement Center Project, Dean Automotive Components Guangzhou Base Project, Guangzhou Blue Ocean Robotics Headquarters Base Project, Zhongtong Express South China Headquarters Expansion Project and so on, with a total investment amount of 30.136 billion yuan.

  Since the beginning of this year, committed to seize opportunities, boost economy, stabilize confidence, and seek breakthroughs, Huadu District has fully implemented the system where the “first violins" are responsible for "across the board" promotion of business; with 32 leaders of the four sets of top leadership teams of the District leading by example, and all government agencies, towns,  streets, management committees, and state-owned enterprises in the District being mobilized as vanguards, the entire District has been stimulated to form a joint force for investment promotion. And continued efforts have been made to promote the  innovative investment attraction project of "bid and award", to expand the "circle of friends” for investment attraction, and do a good job in providing "one-stop" services to incoming investment projects; as a result, big and good projects are coming in good numbers. In the first three quarters of this year, Huadu District recorded 895 newly negotiated investment projects, an increase of 114% year-on-year; among them, 178 are newly signed projects (13 projects are of the 10 billion yuan level), an increase of 91% year-on-year, with a total investment of 210.982 billion yuan; and there are 202 newly registered projects, an increase of 110% year-on-year; and 12 newly landed projects have gained their land through auction, with a total land area of 1,439.43 mu. Huadu District has been recognized by Guangzhou as an outstanding investment promotion district for two consecutive years.