Huadu Automobile Is Moving Towards the "New"


  "Creating a unique new energy brand - Venucia is our brand new solution in the rapidly changing new energy era." Venucia has officially entered the new energy field, so announced Gao Guolin, vice president of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, on November 3 at the event of renewal of Venucia brand and autumn new product launch.

  Now, Dongfeng Nissan is accelerating its transition to new energy, speeding up the development of electric drive technology and launch of products, and taking moves in different market segments, to seize incrementally opportunities and so to start the second growth curve. "With the smooth progress of Dongfeng Nissan's 200,000 new energy vehicle manufacturing project, efforts will be made this year to put into production brand new models of new energy platform, to deeply participate in Guangzhou's camp new energy vehicle brands, for continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle manufacturing force," according to a relevant person in charge.

  The transition and upgrading of Dongfeng Nissan is an epitome of Huadu automobile industry's moving towards the "new" world. As a city of automobiles, the automobile industry is the number one driving force for Huadu's economic growth. High degree of industrial concentration, sound supporting facilities and complete industrial chain make Huadu's automobile industry an important part of Guangzhou's automobile sector, accounting for one-fourth of the city's output value of the automobile manufacturing industry.

  It is an important way to open up a new chapter in the high-quality development for Huadu to, with ecological thinking and open mind-set, make every effort to build a 250-billion automobile industry cluster, to focus on creating a new energy intelligent vehicle ecosystem, and to promoting the integrated and clustered development of new energy vehicle industry.

  Build a circle with strong industry chain

  Assist in industrial transition and upgrading

  ZF Group, a Fortune 500 company and a leading global auto parts company, has placed its South China R&D Center in Huadu. On August 1, ZF Guangzhou Technical Center was opened after completion, and the construction of ZF Automotive Electronics Factory officially started, aiming to build a highly automated and intelligent 10-billion benchmark factory that will be a lighthouse in world market. This is ZF's first manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, which is capable of making up for the shortcomings of the city in the core components of automotive electronics.

  In Huadu, intelligent new energy vehicle industry has gathered in a cluster. As projects such as Didi Autonomous Driving, HoloMatic Technology Headquarters, JD Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Research Institute, Lan-you Zhilian and others have settled down and grown and developed, the agglomeration effect of autonomous driving is taking shape to boost the rapid development of intelligent and connected vehicles.

  Hersio Industrial's project of aluminum die-casting parts for new energy vehicles, TI Automotive's Guangzhou base project, Huafoam project and a number of other projects to expand capacity with increased capital are under construction at accelerated speed; Marelli electronics R&D headquarters, Valeo intelligent cockpit intelligent manufacturing center, Lan-You Technology intelligent network R&D headquarters, CETC Potevio listed company headquarters and other projects of key enterprises are taking root and developing in Huadu; and the national LiDAR headquarters base of Benewake, a national SRDI Little Giant enterprise, the headquarters and high-end auto parts industry center of Frey Group, the headquarters of Yayi Group, and other key automotive projects setting their eyes on the blessed land of development that is Huadu. 

  Moving with the tides, Huadu is actively shaping new competitive advantages. Taking the whole vehicle as the lead, auto parts as the focus, and technological innovation as the support, Huadu vigorously attracts and cultivates a number of leading enterprises that have great development potential, advanced core technology and strong leading power in the industrial chain, and actively builds a complete industry chain of automobile industry to accelerates the take-off of the industry in the new wave of science and technology.

  "With focus on the development of photovoltaic energy storage, new energy and intelligent networking, we make every effort to promote the work of strengthening and supplementing the chain." According to a relevant person in charge from the Huadu District Autocity Administrative Committee, from January to September this year, more than 150 enterprises were contacted for negotiation during investment promotions. 10 investment promotion activities and 13 exhibitions were held outside the city or China to further attract a number of intelligent networked industry projects to the District, and hence to improve Huadu's scientific and technological innovation, promote the formation of an ecosystem for new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, and accelerate the transition to a new track for the high-quality development of the automobile industry.

  Now, Huadu has formed an intelligent new energy automobile industry system that is driven by Dongfeng Nissan, is a cluster of affiliated companies of Fortune Global 500 auto parts enterprises, and is a pool of intelligent innovation enterprises. The District is home to the automobile industry base with the most complete industrial chain and the most complete industrial supporting facilities in China, and is also one of the main bases for Guangzhou's building of a trillion-level "smart car city".

  Improve the construction of the platform

  Promote the integrated development of intelligent networked vehicles

  In recent year, adhering to the concepts of maintaining the District with intelligent manufacturing and strengthen the District with hubs, Huadu leverages the solid industrial foundation, outstanding hub energy and unlimited development space, and focuses on the automobile industry as the backbone to promote accelerated transformation and development of the automotive industry to new energy and intelligent and connected vehicles, and actively move into such strategic emerging industries as new energy vehicles and parts, photovoltaic power.

  Huadu has accelerated the construction of the demonstration zone for intelligent networked vehicle and application of intelligent transportation, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's pilot project of CIM platform and urban automobile smart infrastructure construction; formulated an overall management plan for the pilot project of mixed traffic, and successfully applied to become the second intelligent networked vehicle mixed traffic pilot area in Guangzhou; and also established a special team for the construction of the demonstration zone for the intelligent networked vehicle and application of intelligent transportation. After its successful expansion in this March, Huadu Economic Development Zone is now a provincial-level development zone; with Huadu Automobile Industry Base at its core, and an emerging space layout of "a main one, a secondary one and three sections", the Zone is going all out to build a new intelligent manufacturing center in the northern part of the Greater Bay Area.

  As part of the effort to build a "2+5+N" automobile industry platform, the construction of the advanced intelligent manufacturing industrial park in the west, the new energy auto parts industrial park, and the Auto City SRDI industrial park is in full swing. In particular, the construction of the intelligent new energy automobile city in the west has been fully rolled out, providing strong momentum for accelerating the development of a growth pole in the north of Guangzhou and a new hub-type economic highland. The first stage of the project of SRDI industrial park in the Phase 4 Park has been completed and accepted, and the first batch of 48,000 square meters of standard factory buildings has been offered for business promotion. The development project of the 4.5 acres reserved land in Qishan Village adopts a new model of "development reserved land + customized factory buildings", and it has been planned that 20,000 square meters of factory buildings will be offered for business promotion.

  Focusing on the "new track" of intelligent networked vehicle industry, Huadu is planning to build an intelligent networked vehicle demonstration park in Huadu Lake area, in which R&D and production in environmental perception, decision control, vehicle communication, and other the fields related to intelligent networked vehicles; an intelligent networked automobile industrial belt along the Fengshen Avenue, which will rely on Dongfeng Nissan's first and second factories to promote the production and manufacturing of intelligent networked vehicles; and an autonomous driving demonstration zone for intelligent networked vehicles in Huadu Automobile Industry Base, aiming to promote regional pilot experiment of autonomous driving of e-hailing cars, sanitation vehicles, and shuttle minibuses, accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving technology achievements, and build "one park, one belt and one demonstration zone" of intelligent networked vehicles to lead the innovation-driven development of Huadu's automobile industry.

  The next step of Huadu is to follow the industrial spatial pattern of "one district, one city, one port and one bay", take the intelligent new energy automobile city in the west as a lever to activate the construction of the northern growth pole, seize the strategic opportunity of "overtaking in a different lane" in the global automobile industry, and build a high-end, high-quality, high-tech modern industrial system.