The Third Edition of Huadu's "Kunpeng Plan” Launched for Focused Cultivation of 104 Growing Enterprises

  On November 16, the summary meeting of the second edition and the opening ceremony of the third edition of the "Kunpeng Plan", a program organized by Huadu Federation of Industry and Commerce and Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, were held in Huadu.

  Aiming to continuously promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, further promote the construction of innovation platforms, keep stimulating the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, "Kunpeng Plan" is an important measure of Huadu District a "star brand" for Huadu District to carry out the project of doubling innovation entities, to contribute to Guangzhou's building a national innovation pilot city for business environment, help enterprises to innovate and take off, and serves enterprises in their favor.

  According to the organizers, the "Kunpeng Plan" has achieved fruitful results since its implementation. A number of fast-growing specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative (SRDI) enterprises have been cultivated, and a number of R&D platforms with strong innovation capabilities have been built, injecting new vitality and new momentum into the development of Huadu's private economy.

  The third edition of the "Kunpeng Plan" will focus on strategic emerging industries such as the automobile industry, airport related industry, fashion and culture creation industry, intelligent electronic information industry, and new energy industry. As of now 104 growth enterprises with high technology content, strong innovation ability and good development potential have been selected as seed enterprises for cultivation and support. Efforts will be made in four aspects, namely system courses, visits and exchanges, project application, brand empowerment and enterprise ecosystem construction, to gather momentum to help Huadu District build a modern industrial system with high quality.