Two Unicorns, Didi Autonomous Driving and Benewake, Work in Huadu to Create Leading Mobility Technology for the Future


  On November 16, a ceremony for the completion of Didi Autonomous Driving's Guangzhou Huiju Port and the signing of the investment cooperation agreement between Huadu District and Benewake was held in Huadu District. The event was attended by relevant leaders of Huadu District, and responsible officials of Didi Autonomous Driving, Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd., enterprises in the ecosystem of autonomous driving industry, and relevant functional departments of Huadu District.

  Didi autonomous driving

  Guangzhou Huiju Port was officially completed

  As a unicorn company in the field of autonomous driving in the world, Didi Autonomous Driving has made breakthroughs in autonomous driving technology research and development, unmanned testing, and commercial operation since its operation in Huadu in March 2021.

  In March this year, Didi Autonomous Driving became one of the first companies to obtain Guangzhou intelligent network demonstration operation qualification, and officially start commercial operation in Huadu. In more than 230 days of continuous operation, there was no accident caused due to fault of the driving system. And the operation has survived complex urban scenarios such as urban villages, morning and evening rush hours, nighttime, heavy rain, and high elevation angle lighting.

  Huiju Port is an intelligent platform for operation and maintenance of autonomous driving vehicles, which having integrated the strength of Didi Autonomous Driving in engineering construction, intelligent hardware, software platform and others, is the "brain" of Didi Autonomous Driving unmanned operation. The completion and official operation of Huiju Port in Huadu marks a new step forward of Didi Autonomous Driving in commercial operation in Guangzhou, and will further accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Huadu's automobile industry to the intelligent, connected, electrified, and shared mode for high-quality development.

  Meng Xing, COO of Didi Autonomous Driving, said that Huiju Port was an important support system for Didi Autonomous Driving in urban commercial operation, and more importantly, it was an essential carrier of Didi's determination to play in the future mobility landscape of Guangzhou. Didi Autonomous Driving would continue to make more solid the achievements in autonomous driving application obtained in Huadu District, and work with District to create a scientific and technological highlight for future mobility.

  Successful connection with "Little Giant” of LiDAR 

  At this event, Huadu District Government also signed an investment cooperation agreement with Benewake (Beijing) Photonics Technology Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of Didi Autonomous Driving, to jointly build an intelligent networked industry chain and ecosystem.

  Founded in 2015, Benewake is a leading global provider of LiDAR products and solutions. The company is committed to empowering tens of millions of mobile agents with LiDAR technology, so as to promote digitalization and intelligentization, and hence comprehensive improvement of user safety, transportation capacity and efficiency. LiDAR products of Benewake are widely used in intelligent vehicles, intelligent transportation, intelligent industrial sensing and other fields. With its full range of product matrix and unique diversified and all-round business layout in the industry, the company has been successfully selected as a national specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative "little giant" enterprise and a national enterprise with intellectual property advantages. Now, the company has extended its business presence to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and after having delivered more than one million lidars, helped usher in the era of large-scale commercialization of lidar.

  According to the investment cooperation agreement, Benewake will build in Huadu a high-performance lidar R&D center and a national headquarters, together with a R&D center, an intelligent manufacturing center, a business development center and a marketing and settlement center. With a total investment of about 3 billion yuan, the project is estimated to achieve revenue of 6 billion yuan within 5 years.

  Li Yuan, CEO of Benewake, said, "We are very grateful to Huadu District Government for the support and trust. In the future, we will actively respond to the District's high-quality development strategy of "base the District on intelligent manufacturing", make full use of the location advantages of Huadu, and commit ourselves to becoming a leading enterprise of the intelligent networked automobile parts and components industry, to lead the development of the LiDAR industry, and to jointly make prosper the intelligent networked car ecosystem, so that we can contribute to Huadu District's accelerated optimization of industrial structure and development of advantageous featured industries."

  Relevant leaders of Huadu District said that Huadu District would continue to uphold the idea of "help entrepreneurs, befriend investors, and serve taxpayers", would continue to serve and support as always Didi Autonomous Driving and other "old friends", and would sincerely welcome high-quality enterprises such as Benewake to invest, share opportunities and seek common development in Huadu. The successful execution of the contract between the Huadu District Government and Benewake is of great significance for Huadu to seize secure an advantageous position in the new track of intelligent networked automobile industry and help Guangzhou build a world-renowned trillion-level "smart car city".