34 Huadu enterprises appeared at the 2023 Great Bay Area Digital Economy & Blockchain Expo


  2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Digital Economy Exhibition and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Blockchain Innovation Exhibition, one of the largest and most influential digital economy events in China, was held from November 19th to 21st at Guangzhou Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center. Centering on three major areas, namely, digital economy field, meta-universe experience, and digital collection, and the Expo focused deeply on the leading hot topics of the digital economy. Special forums were also held during the same time, such as Thematic Forum on Digital Empowerment of Manufacturing Industry, Meta-universe Prospective Science and Technology Forum, and Web3.0 Prospective Science and Technology Symposium.

  On the afternoon of the 19th, the Thematic Forum on Digital Empowerment of Manufacturing Industry was successfully held, which was co-organized by JD Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Huadu) Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Research Institute, Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association, Guangzhou Digital Economy Association, and Guangzhou Cesi Standard Testing and Research Institute Co., Ltd. The event attracted more than 100 enterprises from the Greater Bay Area, among them were 34 companies from Huadu District, including Guangzhou Sinorobot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, Guoguang Electric Company Ltd, Homar Bio-Technology (Guangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huitong Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and Huayuan Beauty Alliance Science and Technology Innovation Research Center (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. A number of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, digital economy enterprises and applications from Huadu District were displayed at the event, demonstrating the seamless connection of intelligence + manufacturing + marketing. At the same time, the "Digital Transformed Manufacturing Public Service Platform" would be landed in JD (Huadu) Research Institute and "Special Committee of Manufacturing Industry" and "Industrial Special Committee" would be set up. Taking Huadu as a starting point the Expo empowers the manufacturing industry with science and technology, and looks forward to discussing the direction and implementation plan for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

  Relying on the technical strength of JD Technology, JD Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Huadu) Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Research Institute provides enterprises with AI products, including Yanxi virtual anchor , and JD ecological supply chain resources to help enterprises reduce marketing costs, increase efficiency and broaden channels; at the same time, the Institute is committed to applying cutting-edge technologies to the operation and management of the industrial chain, and to cultivating professionals in the field of artificial intelligence by holding training, seminars and other activities, as part of the effort to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing talents.

  In his keynote speech titled "JD Digital Technology Empowers the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry", Chen Yongjun of JD Technology emphasized that "they will provide a full range of digital solutions for the manufacturing industry through innovations and applications in the fields of supply chain management, logistics and distribution, and intelligent manufacturing. The importance of digital transformation for the manufacturing industry lies in its ability to improve enterprises' efficiency, competitiveness and adaptability in changing market. ”

  Homar Bio-Technology (Guangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd., a listed company of daily chemicals and beauty products from Huadu District, displayed their newly developed skin care product at the Expo; and Li Na, the company's business manager, said, "It's a great honor to participate in this summit. We take this opportunity to introduce the features and advantages of our products to experts and customers. Digitalization is the goal of every enterprise; let's work together and make it happen! "

  Guangzhou Sunflower Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., an AI intelligent application development company from Huadu District, signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Huojiguo Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese firethorn company. Zhang Wenfang, the head of Sunflower Intelligent Technology, said: "AIGC is the trend in marketing and market application. To empower agriculture and manufacturing industries in Huadu is what we, as it so happens, what the Expo, hope to achieve with science and technology."