Twenty-six Measures of Huadu Upgrade Precision Services


  The business environment directly affects the growth, innovation, development, vitality and growth impetus of all business entities. Huadu District continues to create an atmosphere of attracting investment supporting and helping businesses, and solidly carries out the reform of providing support and assistance to enterprises. In order to optimize the business environment, the District has introduced Huadu District Twenty-six Measures to Provide Favorable Conditions and Assistance for Enterprises, which includes launching the project chief and enterprise-warming specialist , optimizing and upgrading "one-stop" services, improving the quality and efficiency of land approval and making land use more flexible, providing targeted and personalized tax service for enterprises, innovatively developing new models of power supply services to truly achieve "zero distance" in power services.

  Strengthening the role of the project chief

  Promoting the services of the enterprise-warming specialist

  To open up communication channels between government and enterprises, the District has pioneered the system of project chief and enterprise-warming specialist in Guangzhou. The district leaders and project chiefs provide "one-stop, one-on-one" services to key projects included in the District’s annual plan of "Gongcheng Bazhai", helping project owners solve problems. The district leaders contact and serve enterprises above designated size through coordination with town (street) department level leaders, actively solving difficulties, bottlenecks, and pain points encountered in the production and operation of enterprises above designated size, and promoting the achievement of expected economic goals for the entire District. 121 project chiefs in the entire District actively implemented their primary responsibilities, visited project sites a total of 2720 times, and the District's enterprise-warming specialists checked in and served 1711 enterprises (times).

  One-stop service intelligent upgrade

  Optimizing approval for higher speed and efficiency

  The District implements blockchain intelligent approval and empowerment, utilizes technologies such as blockchain trusted authentication, electronic certificates, and electronic seals, and shares the application in various approval items throughout the enterprise's establishment lifecycle. First, the handling of "review and adjustment of construction engineering design scheme" or "approval of public drainage facilities connection" is integrated with the licensing matters such as "occupation and excavation of urban roads", "felling and migration of urban trees" and "approval of occupation of urban green space" and other licensing matters into "one matter" to achieve "simultaneous acceptance, simultaneous approval and simultaneous certification" of approval matters in different fields. Some dedicated windows for policy implementation services have been set up to achieve "one-window acceptance, internal circulation, and limited time completion" in terms of policy implementation. Second, pre-approval work on greening matters is implemented. When dealing with the examination and approval of felling and migrating urban trees that need publicity and demonstration by experts, the relevant links are moved forward simultaneously, and the reply will be given upon at end of the publicity. Third, consolidation of drainage connection permits will be implement. For historical drainage enterprises, a combined application and processing of "public drainage facility connection approval" and "sewage discharge into drainage network permit issuance" is implemented.

  Simpler approval process

  More flexible land use by enterprises

  Industrial buildings that have been confirmed and registered by manufacturing enterprises, chain owners enterprises, or provincial and above specialized, refined, unique, and innovative enterprises on state-owned ordinary industrial land within the scope of industrial industrial blocks, can be registered and transferred based on fixed boundaries such as buildings, floors, and rooms and other basic units. For state-owned construction land that has obtained the state-owned land use right certificate or has completed real estate ownership registration, if it is necessary to construct new buildings or expand or renovate projects, after obtaining the opinions of the Huadu District Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, the enterprise can rely on the original planning conditions to carry out architectural scheme design and handle subsequent approval procedures. The district land transfer department includes newly acquired land projects in the land use list and complete the preparation of tree protection and other related assessment work in advance, so as to optimize the planning approval process.

  Improving the convenience of tax processing

  Enhancing taxpayer's sense of gain

  According to the characteristics of the jurisdiction, the District promotes the construction of "tax stations" in industrial parks, commercial centers, and other places where enterprises gather. Tax official regularly or irregularly enters the stations to provide targeted and personalized tax services for enterprises. The District actively guides taxpayers to handle taxes online, and ensures that the export tax refund (exemption) declaration of Class I export enterprises is completed within one working day at the earliest. The District increases the support for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individual businesses, to receive full monthly refunds of incremental tax credits and one-time refunds of existing tax credits. This will help industrial parks, commercial centers, and other areas to better attract investment, leverage their advantages in industrial agglomeration, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the regional economy.

  Innovative power supply service new model

  Creating "zero distance" of modern electricity

  The district power department provides detailed and practical three zeros service(zero on-site visits, zero approval, and zero investment) in terms of low-voltage, and three savings service (time-saving, labor-saving, and money saving) in terms of high-voltage, to continuously reduce customer’s electricity costs and the processing time of electricity procedures, and increase the proportion of customer electricity business internet processing to over 99.9%. the District promotes the Joint Office to quickly solve the electricity problem of enterprises and promotes the implementation of electricity substitution to reduce energy costs for enterprises. Enterprises agree through an agreement that the supplier shall reserve appropriate materials, and the electrical materials shall be delivered to the site within 20 days upon the completion of the civil engineering handover of the electrical room by the enterprise. Automatic metering of electricity consumption, automatic billing of electricity bills and sharing for park and tenant parties will be realized. A specialized team that integrates line relocation, user engineering, and business expansion support, will be established to actively intervene in key projects in advance and track them throughout the process.