The IATA Cargo Day - North Asia Guangzhou International Air Cargo Hub High-quality Development Conference held in Huadu


  From December 7th to 8th, The IATA Cargo Day - North Asia and Guangzhou International Air Cargo Hub High-quality Development Conference with the theme of "China's Hub, Connecting the world" were held at Pullman Hotel Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The conference is jointly sponsored by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) North Asia Region, Guangdong Airport Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Airport Group") and the People's Government of Huadu District of Guangzhou, and organized by Guangdong Airport Group Logistics Co., Ltd and China Southern Airlines Logistics Co., Ltd. It is another industry event following the Guangzhou International Aviation Hub High Quality Development Conference in June this year.

  Analyzing cutting-edge hot topics in the era

  Imagining the high-quality development of world-class air cargo hub

  With the theme of "China’s Hub, Connecting the World", the conference is held against the backdrop of China’s active efforts to build a safe, stable, efficient, open, inclusive, and mutually beneficial and win-win global industrial and supply chain system to promote global economic circulation and support world economic growth. The aim of the conference is to explore new trends in the development of air cargo, share cutting-edge standards and practices in air cargo, build a world-class air cargo hub, assist Guangzhou in becoming a global production and supply chain center, achieve "transporting local goods to the world while gathering global goods in Guangzhou, and continue to play a leading and locomotive role in high-quality development.

  About 180 units from the competent authorities of the civil aviation industry, local governments, port inspection units, airlines in china and abroad, airports in China, production and manufacturing enterprises, logistics integrators, various associations, and research consulting institutions gathered in a hall. They analyze the cutting-edge hot topics in the era, discuss and share the construction plans for global industrial chain, supply chain, and China's aviation cargo hub, and depict a beautiful vision for the high-quality development of world-class aviation cargo hubs.

  In the keynote speech, the participants discussed several topics, such as the advantages and prospects of building Guangzhou international air cargo hub, building a high-quality and efficient air logistics network, and creating a market-oriented and law-based international first-class business environment. At the conference, several important activities were held, such as the signing of strategic cooperation agreements between Guangdong Airport Group and hub joint construction units, the signing and launch of IATA CEIV lithium battery certification projects, the release of white papers on the development of Guangzhou's air cargo industry, Baiyun Airport cargo apron transfer opening activities, the launch of ONE Record and Baiyun Airport Digi Cargo digital integration activities, and the commencement of FedEx's South China Operations Center.

  During the two-day conference, more than 20 experts, authorities and senior practitioners in the field of air cargo delivered a series of lectures for the participants. These lectures fully discussed the new development trend of air cargo, shared the frontier standards and practices of air cargo, and provided valuable opinions and suggestions for the construction of Guangzhou into a global production and supply chain center.

  A new round of industrial reform continues to evolve

  The advantages of a stable and strong chain in Greater Bay Area are highlighted

  Industry insiders believe that the development trend of regionalization, localization and short chain of the global industrial chain is obvious, the risk of "chain breaking" and "decoupling" continues to rise, and the demand for maintaining the resilience and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain is more urgent; On the other hand, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation continues to evolve, and the global industrial chain and supply chain are moving towards intelligent and green transformation. The global industrial chain and supply chain is entering an important stage of adjustment and remodeling.

  Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City have unique advantages in maintaining global industrial and supply chain security and stability, and promoting the construction of a cooperative and win-win global industrial and supply chain system. The Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area has a world-class urban agglomeration, is a base for emerging industries, advanced manufacturing, and modern service industries in the world and is an important pole of the global economy. As an important manufacturing base in the world and one of the regions with the most complete industrial chain and supply chain in the world, Guangdong is carrying the mission of taking the lead in promoting the Chinese-style modernization, inspiring the aggressive and energetic efforts of "rebuilding a new Guangdong", striving to promote the new industrialization, and creating a new situation of strong province with high-quality construction and manufacturing. Guangzhou, an international comprehensive transportation hub, international business center and national central city, is building an international logistics center with the highest efficiency, the lowest cost and the most competitive in the world.

  As the location of Baiyun International Airport, Huadu District is committed to promoting the transformation from an air rail hub to a comprehensive hub and making every effort to build an international comprehensive transportation hub gateway. Huadu has abundant and high-quality air, rail, water and land transportation resources. With Huadu as the core, more than 400 air routes, 21 rail transit lines and 19 expressways can be integrated. A world-class comprehensive transportation hub with an annual air and rail passenger flow of 190 million people and an annual air and cargo throughput of 6 million tons is gradually taking shape in Huadu District. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Guangdong Airport Group and the joint construction unit of the hub, the opening of the cargo apron transfer of Baiyun Airport, and the commencement of the FedEx South China Operations Center at this conference are of great significance and closely related to the development strategy of Huadu. They will further expand cooperation among air cargo entities, comprehensively improve airport operational efficiency, and accelerate the construction of major air logistics projects, assist Huadu in accelerating its transformation into a comprehensive hub.

  At the same time, Huadu is committed to promoting the transformation from a transportation hub to an economic hub. Huadu took the lead in issuing the first district-level air cargo support policy in Guangzhou. At present, it has gathered about 210 enterprises such as Baiyun International Logistics, Airport Group Logistics, Jingdong Asia One, Yuhu International Cold Chain, CoSCO Shipping, and fedex, and 11 registered airlines. An aviation industry system mainly supported by air cargo, aviation maintenance services, aviation manufacturing and aviation regional headquarters has been initially formed. Huadu adheres to the principle of gathering industries through the hub and strengthening the hub through industries. It plans to construct a high standard airport smart port with a total area of 80 square kilometers around the airport, actively introduce the "4+4" airport industry cluster, and plan to form a 300 billion level airport industry by 2035. The District focuses on building a global hub economy innovation model led by "large transportation, large logistics, large intelligent manufacturing, and large business and tourism".

  Huadu rises on the opportunity

  And makes every effort to build a new international open platform for the Greater Bay Area

  Under the overall layout of the country, and the leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, Guangdong Airport Group, anchoring the primary task of high-quality development, aims to achieve the goal of building an internationally first-class Guangdong airport". it promotes the high-quality development of Guangzhou's international air cargo hub, and assist Guangzhou in accelerating the construction of an "international logistics center with the highest global efficiency, lowest cost, and most competitiveness", supporting Guangzhou City Guangdong Province and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area are in a dominant position in the global industrial and supply chain layout.

  Huadu will take this conference as an opportunity to further promote the transformation from a transportation hub to an open hub and make every effort to build a new platform for international openness in the Greater Bay Area. Huadu will benchmark Shanghai Hongqiao Hub and Dongfang Hub, accelerate the creation of a new international opening platform for the Great Bay Area, actively participate in the construction of the Air Silk Road, further deepen regional economic and trade cooperation with the surrounding countries of the the Belt and Road, RCEP, and ASEAN. The District will strive to build Huadu into a key node for the unified large market of China, a new polar core for the integration of northern Guangdong into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a key link for the cooperation and development of the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, and a leader in deepening opening and cooperation with ASEAN, and a core engine for Guangzhou to support "one point, two places" in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.