Huadu cosmetics exports reach 570 million yuan in the first ten months of this year


  At the end of the year, beauty companies have entered a peak period of production and sales. In the past few days, Huadu Customs under Guangzhou Customs actively organized its forces to carefully implement the measures of coordinated service. They made every effort to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, and effectively ensured the stable and smooth production and export of beauty enterprises in its jurisdiction.

  As an important promotional node after Double Eleven in a year, Double Twelve is not only a booster for beauty companies to boost performance, but also a year-end industry test. For enterprises in the beauty town of Huadu, this is the peak production period of the year. In response to the recent large number of orders, many beauty companies had already prepared enough power in early November to accelerate and heat up production efficiency in advance.

  In the production workshop of Guangzhou Dongfang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located on Xinya Street, machines are running at full speed, and workers are working overtime to package bottles of cosmetics, which are then quickly loaded onto trucks and sent to consumers across the country. It is learnt that during this year's "Double Twelve" period, the company has stocked over 2 million units of sunscreen, moisturizing and other cosmetic products, with an expected output value of about 26 million yuan in December. "We have used raw materials imported from Malaysia to produce body milk, lip masks, and other products for Double Twelve this year, which have moisturizing effects. As of now, we have received over 183 tons of material procurement demand, and the construction period is very tight. The stability of imported raw material supply determines whether we can ship smoothly." said Guan Qishan, administrative commissioner of Guangzhou Dongfang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  In order to help cosmetics enterprises in the jurisdiction to prepare for "Double 12", Huadu Customs under Guangzhou Customs has carried out "Customs + industry" linked services for the production and expansion of cosmetics enterprises. It focuses on solving the problem of urgent shipment by enterprises, and further optimizing of document review, inspection, and certification to improve customs clearance efficiency.

  "Next, we will rely on long-term mechanisms such as zero problem and customs officials contacting enterprises to continuously optimize regulatory service measures and provide 7x24 appointment clearance and on-demand inspection, rapid release services, to provide support for the development of the beauty industry in the jurisdiction,” said the relevant person in charge of the inspection department of Huadu Customs under Guangzhou Customs. According to statistics, from January to October this year, cosmetics enterprises in the jurisdiction of Huadu Customs exported a total of 570 million yuan of beauty cosmetics and toiletries, an increase of 90.8%.