Huadu's New Title: National Key County of Leisure Agriculture


Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the list of 2023 national key counties of leisure agriculture, which includes 60 counties (cities and districts). Huadu District is the only one in Guangzhou that is successfully listed. As of now, Guangdong Province has only 6 counties (cities and districts) that have been recognized as national key counties of leisure agriculture.

As the "north gate" of Guangzhou, Huadu District has the beauty of time-honored history and culture, the natural beauty of clear waters and lush mountains, and the unique beauty of local folk customs. It is a "city of fusion". The only large-scale air-rail dual hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station) connects Guangzhou to the country and to the world. It is a "green city". "mountains, waters, forests, crop fields and flowers" display their characteristic features, forest coverage rate reaches 38.3%, air quality compliance rate is at least 95%, and rural tourism radiates unique charm, earning for the District the reputation as the "back garden" and "living room" of Guangzhou. It is a "city of culture". This place, featuring "three parts of mountain, one part of water and six parts of plain", is home to great people and profound historical and cultural heritage, with 32 key historical and cultural sites protected of national, provincial and municipal levels, 36 intangible cultural heritage items and 11 ancient villages of Guangdong Province.

Huadu District in recent years has been attaching great importance to the development of leisure agriculture as an important project and vigorously exploring the characteristic rural resources. By placing the construction of an "Airport-based Agricultural Integration Development Demonstration Zone" as the vanguard, the District commits itself in developing modern urban agriculture. Effort is made to build a large number of "vegetable and fruit +", "ancient village +" and "aroma +" and other ecological parks with distinct characteristics, boutique homestays, and research bases. 1 national ( Rhyme finding Tour in Guangdong Townships) and 1 provincial (Flower Demonstration Belt) boutique routes of rural tourism, and 3 provincial-level cultural and tourism characteristic villages have been successfully completed, and the development of leisure agriculture is gradually expanding. Now the District has more than 30 provincial and municipal agricultural leisure tourism spots, and 1 Beautiful Leisure Village of China.

The next move of Huadu District is that in light of the topography and landform of the District and the current situation of leisure agricultural resources, guidance of national strategies such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and rural revitalization, and advantages in ecological, cultural, tourism and sports resources, Huadu District will make overall rational planning to build a leisure agriculture pattern consisting of "one core, three zones, four belts, and multiple bases" ("one core": the core of China Beautiful Leisure Village development; "three zones": the northern eco-tourism and forest health development zone, the western leisure tourism and agricultural tourism integration development zone, and the central urban agriculture and cultural experience development zone; and the "four belts") : Tropic of Cancer eco-tourism belt, characteristic agricultural tourism industry integration belt, urban leisure culture experience belt, and Liuxi River landscape demonstration belt) , and hence form a spatial system combining points, lines and surfaces.